Founder, Whispr.AI

May 2017 to present

$360 billion is spent training employees. The dirty secret? Typical training methods—lectures, readings, videos—have a recall rate of 15% within 21 days of training. There is a better way.

Whispr. is intelligent learning. Using small content bursts of voice and visuals, artificial intelligence and natural language Whispr creates a hands-free, conversational, smart instructional experience delivered through a small hearable while you work on the task at hand.

Chief Product Designer & Head, FanVox Ambient Engagement

Telefónica Digital, Advanced Product Group
May 2015 to April 2017




Built from the ground up, with an internal of team of designers, software, hardware engineers and external partners,  FanVox uses custom smart sensors and real-time data intelligence to create unforgettable, audience-driven experiential marketing events on a massive scale. Built for large sports and entertainment venues, FanVox breathes new life into the stadium experience by enabling no-app-required participation in flash-mob-style gameplay, WiFi-driven profiling for highly targeted messages, and way-finding. 

For it’s beta release, FanVox has been deployed at the 20,000 seat O2 Arena (largest in the UK) and 7 mid-size (2,000 seats or more) venues. We have captured data from over 30 shows, gauging engagement of nearly 150,000 fans. The captured data was given to fans resulting in a 47% share of the data on social network. With the beta’s success, FanVox is being industrialised.

Chief Product Designer & Head, BL!NK Small Data for Sensors

Telefónica Digital, Advanced Product Group
September 2013 to May 2015


In the fall of 2013, I pitched, a small data platform of sensors and software that creates new value for business, to Telefonica’s incubator program. I led a team of 8 highly skilled programmers and product designers to launch BL!NK applications for critical monitoring of fuel tanks, refrigeration units for retailers, and cold chain management.

This BL!NK real-time business intelligence and action platform for the industrial internet of things (IIOT). Devices and sensors generates unprecedented levels of bite-sized data, enabling just-in-time actions for the creation of new services, process optimisation and cost avoidance.     Chosen for piloting in Tesco stores for monitoring quality levels to eliminate waste. 

Head of M2M & IOT
Product Development & Innovation

Telefónica Digital
October 2010 to September 2013

Led the M2M Product Development & Innovation group (approximately 70 engineers, designers, product managers & QA specialists) responsible for real-time machine-to-machine platforms. These platforms manage large numbers of similar data-generating objects, including SIMs, devices and complex sensors. Also lead initiatives bringing next generation Internet of Things-related products to consumers, business and cities.

SIM Management Platform
Built from the ground up, this platform integrates into Telefónica's core network nodes to enable businesses to monitor and control voice, SMS and data traffic across their SIMs. Used across Europe and South America by Movistar, O2 and Vivo. Recently awarded a key contract to manage over 20 million SIMs for the UK’s Smart Meter program.

Connected Home & Energy Monitoring
For large energy clients—including Endesa in Spain—my team developed MyEnergy, a consumer hardware and software product for monitoring whole house and individual appliance energy usage. 

Sensor Data Collection & Analysis Platform
Using both real time streams and complex event processing algorithms, this platform collects and processes sensor data from a variety of sources: from fuel storage tanks to vending machines. Built a real-time visual framework to display and manipulate these data streams.

Senior Director of Product

Yahoo, Inc.
September 2005 to October 2010

Senior Director of Product, Home Page, May 2010 to October 2010
Led home page product team for both desktop and mobile platforms. has 1.575 billion visitors and drives approximately $US 3 billion in revenue annually. Responsible for all aspects of the home page including the product roadmap, feature specifications, analytics, bucket-testing and revenue-generating modules.

Director of Product, Mobile Home Page, August 2008 to May 2010
Ran Yahoo’s Mobile Front Doors Products team. The team includes designers, product managers, and product marketers. I was responsible for the mobile version of, Social Pulse (an aggregated view of your social networks) and Local. We have released these products in 34 markets on over 3800 different handsets with 45M monthly visitors on the mobile web (up from 15M when I took over and the number 3 news app in the iPhone store for the first 9 months of it's release. 

Design Director, Mobile, February 2007 to August 2008
Led Yahoo! Mobile’s 6-person user experience team to concept, architect and design applications and platforms for the mobile web, iPhone, Java applications, SMS and monetization. 

Senior Interaction Designer, Mobile, September 2005 to February 2007
Lead designer on several key mobile applications including Yahoo! oneSearch (a search technology that provides answers in addition to links), currently used by over 80 carriers, and the 2006 FIFA World Cup mobile portal, the largest sports portal at the time.

Senior Human Interface Designer

Palm, Inc.
October 2003 to September 2005

Software architect and designer for the Treo line of smartphones and Tungsten/LifeDrive line of handheld PDAs specializing in media applications for capturing, viewing and managing photos, videos and music; streaming video and audio; and composition and reading/playback of text and media messaging. Responsibilities included: roadmapping (in conjunction with product marketing), user interaction flows, graphical interface design and usability testing. 

Director of Interactive Communications
& User Experience

Mind Over Media
January 2000 to October 2003


Led a 15-person development group comprising of project managers, brand strategists, designers and software developers. Mind Over Media produces digital consumer, business and education communications products and applications for international firms such as Bayer, Xerox and Heinz.

Adjunct Faculty of Design

Carnegie Mellon University
September 1991 to May 2003

Taught “Visual Interface Design” at Carnegie Mellon University’s HCI Institute—undergraduate for 4 years and graduate for 2 year. Prior to that, I taught at Carnegie Mellon’s Business School. I have taught a total of 23 classes for CMU.


Mind Over Media
July 1995 to December 1999


From its beginnings as a one-person interactive media design consultancy, Mind Over Media grew to an become an 8-person firm specializing in UE design. In January of 2000, Mind Over Media was bought out by a 40-person video editing and production company.