Product & Design Patents

Content Processing & Visualisation  
Social aspects of content aggregation, syndication, sharing, and updating {8,032,510}

Open framework for integrating, associating, and interacting with content objects including automatic feed creation {8,140,566}

Event communications platform for mobile device users {12/038,716}

Clustered Search
Clustered Search Processing {7,630,972}

Techniques for input recognition and completion {12/183,918}

Employing mobile location to refine searches {11/620,619}

User Interface & Content Delivery
Graphic user interface for displaying content selections on a display panel {D638025}

System and method for delivery of augmented messages {12/131,447}

Image Viewing & Control
Optimal viewing of digital images and voice annotation transitions in slideshows {US7587671}

Master multimedia software controls {US7559027}


Telefónica Hot House
In 2013 Telefónica began an internal ‘startup’ program called ‘Hot Houses.’ The company put out a call to all employees to participate. Three ideas were selected and funded. Mine was one of those three.

Yahoo! Super Star 2007
Yahoo’s highest award (approximately half a year’s salary) in recogonition of individual or group contribution to product innovation. I was the only individual user experience designer in the history of Yahoo! to win the award.

American Society of Professional Communicators Masters of Communication
Bayer Corporation: “Our Voice”
University of Maryland: “Are You Ready?”

Communicator Awards “Crystal Award of Excellence”
FreeMarkets: Tradeshow Kiosk  
Xerox: “PowerUp” 

Conferences & Publications

CHI 2005
Capturing and Viewing media on the Treo 650 smartphone and Tungsten T5 handheld
One of nine design case study selected to be presented at the CHI 2005 conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Innovate: Knowledge repositories
Video-based “thought leader” for a 14-city Xerox/Adobe conference on knowledge repositories, content libraries and on-demand publishing system.

Using Technology to Create Brand
Featured workshop presenter at the IPQC Internal Branding Conference.

The Power of E-Communications
Presenter at the CASE  higher education conference.

Education & Grants


BS in Graphic Communications Management and Writing
Carnegie Mellon University, 1988
Received two consecutive IBM Educational Computer Software grants in my junior and senior years.